Wednesday, February 07, 2007

read between the lines


yeah tomorrow i won't be there.

(but how do i tell him, that he'll be there in the sharply drawn breath between long breathless conversations. how do i tell him that he will be there in the smile which will look back at me in the mirror. how do i tell him that he is there with me when i turn the lock closed on the bedroom door. how do i tell him that he will be there on my fingertips when i taste the sweetness of the cake batter. how do i tell you that you will be there when in my tightly closed fist when i burn those calories on the green. how do i tell you that it is you on these restlessly tapping fingers on this machine. how do i tell you that are the lilt in my laugher. how do i tell you that you are the merriness in my eyes. how do i tell him that he is my sweaty palms smoothing down my dress. how do i tell him that he is the noise in my head getting nothing done. how can i tell you all this, how can i tell you all this without breatking your heart...)

yes, tomorrow i won't be there.

i'm going on a holiday to see some freinds and i don't know if i will be able to continue blogging from there....i don't think i will be able to. i don't want this to sound like a farewell speech, i hate goodbyes!!!!

....take care each one of you!!!!



Anonymous said...

Hey have great timeout blogging


Lorena said...

hope you have a great time!
we'll be here when you come back.


mermaid said...

Sounds like a double life. The use of him and you is intentional, as if there are two lovers, when there may be only one.

Take care, Gulnaz.

Amalendu said...

have a nice time Gulnaz...
'How do I tell you, I will be there waiting for your return': well-said Gulnaz...

{illyria} said...

you are always missed.

gulnaz said...

nasra- thanks, even though it sounds strange but i will miss blogging. xxx

Lorena- thanks girl and its good to see you back! :) XOXOXO

mermaid- there are so many sides to us and i think the idea is to bring into all into one coherent being where all the sides are in synch with one another...thanks!

take care, K.

amamlendu- oh thank you so much!! :))

illyria- and you are a sweetheart to say that, even though i might not blog myself, i will love to check on my favourite blogs and you know you are right up on the list.

Pat Paulk said...

Ditto Amalendu!! Enjoy your break!!

Anonymous said...

you flow like a wind :)
you know there are some verses which just happen, where you do not write; rather you speak to the most sacred part of your self! which understands and appreciates you the way you want to be understood!

Enjoy you break!

GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

Have a wonderful, fun, and relaxing holiday! :)
(Who ever knows how to impart difficult news?)

Roger Stevens said...

Hi. Glad you dropped by.

Nice piece.

Meanwhile - have a good time away from the blog. Or maybe you won't read this until you return - in which case - hope you had a great time.

gulnaz said...

Pat paulk- thank you!!

anon- i love your lavish praise and you are write some pieces just write themselves out, am glad youliked it, thank you!!

gel- thanks and you are right some things are difficult to say...

roger stevens- it was always be a pleasure to read your blog and am glad you liked this, thank you!

boulies said...

Liked the way you shifted back and forth from "how can I tell him/how can I tell you." This is of course very sad, but your feelings come across eloquently and touch one deep down.

Hope you're enjoying your trip.

Cocaine Jesus said...

going to miss you.
take good care.

gautami tripathy said...

Have fun.

PS: why do to need to tell him, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Hope all going well over there...

Write soon (as you can of course)


Brood Mode said...

why not tell him with a single glance? :-)

Russell Ragsdale said...

This was fabulous! Have a great break and see you soon. Take care of yourself, my sweet.

Anonymous said...

come back! :((

gulnaz said...

boulies- yes it was a good trip, actully i'm on a good trip right now, pun intented....and i'm flattered by your words....thank you!!!

CJ- and me you!!! you too take good care of yourself...xoxo

gautami- :) maybe we tell others what we need to tell ourselves...

nasra- everything is new and exciting and scary...:) i hope you are doing fine too

brood mode- good idea...:)

russell- awww thank you, you are such a sweetheart! :))

dear anon- awww...whoever you are...your words and concern make me happy...thank you!