Tuesday, November 08, 2005

a music note

you know the thing about trance is that it catches you between its unrelenting beats and wont let you stop till you are too tired to move anymore. the thumping beats rule your heart and pushes out all else. with hip-hop you feel sexy and with some others you feel like a kid, some turn you into a rebel and some just set you free. music is when it moves through your heartbeats. it is music when you can hear a feeling and it is music when colours and shapes come alive to the beat, which moves through them.


eden said...

music...music... i just love it as i love singing :)

music is when it moves through your heartbeats.....my favorite line, very true !

gulnaz said...

eden- thanks! music is such a primal thing. its in our bodies and it comes from the soul.

Shubhodeep said...

absolutely. you find the right words for nearly evrything!

anumita said...

Yes, yes, music is essentially life!

NicoleBraganza said...

Hip hop so definitely makes you feel sexy. you are so right!

Rare Blue said...

Go find a song...

The band's name is 'mum', the track, 'we have a map of the piano'. It reminds me of bodies. Of movement. Of winter.

Music is the language we do not have to speak to understand.


Just A Human said...


This is a nice topic you have chosen, i guess you should have written a little more about this.

For me music is -
leaving my body
floating in air
drowning in water
burning in fire
abyss of pleasure

My Ultimate Spotless Inner Cast


Anonymous said...

it is music when you can hear a feeling and it is music when colours and shapes come alive to the beat, which moves through them.*** absolutely!

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Your lovely post sings right to the core of my passion for music. I even named one of my blogs after a song, even though I'm a fine arts artist. "Good Vibrations."

Hi, I'm here from Bablu's blog where I saw you listed on his blogroll. I use the inspiration of music instinctively and extensively in my artwork and poetry, very simlar to what "southpaw" says above.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing better than good music, and there is nothing worse than bad music....

Akruti said...

Music is life:) atleast for me,i cannot live without it.

the woman said...

I can play the piano for you if ya want.

Sorry for the late wishes... eid mubarak to you Gulbaby.

dominick said...

of course, the ecstasy you just took really enhances your experience of the music.

thoughts said...

so very true!!
3times55 was humorous/funny/witty/amusing... lemme go fetch the thesaurus ;)

gulnaz said...

Shubh- hardly! :) thanks though!

anumita- aint it so!

Nicole- exactly, it makes you 'move'! :)

Rare Blue- that sounds like a great song, thanks! :) you hit it on the nail when you speak about music!

(P)- i felt it was complete, did not want to repeat myself to lenghten the post. Cheers!

Southpaw- thanks, glad you think so!

Green-Eyed Lady- oh that was such a wonderful song! :) am happy to make acquaintance with an artist! thank you for dropping by, do visit again!

Manish- lol, yeah bad music is really annoying! thanks for visiting. :)

Akruti- i know, you love music and poetry! :)

Woman- oh please do, would love to hear you! :) don't mind the lateness, its still the month of eid and i have been late in wishing you too...btw, how did you celebrate eid?

dominick- i hope you are not refrerrin to the drug. lol.

thoughts- awwww, thanks sweetie! :))

mermaid said...

Right on, sis:)

Casablanca said...

I love music... almost all kinds!

But but... doesnt trance get boring to dance on, after some time?

Patry Francis said...

I've also noticed how different background music evokes different moods when you are writing.

timeintotime said...

I've always liked a quote by Red Auerbach, which I've requoted myself on many occasions:
"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

. : A : . said...

Music takes you where you need to be, where you want to be.

Cocaine Jesus said...

music is the pulse beat to all life.it is sex and colour and painting and poetry and surf and moist tongues on dry lips. it is the stuff that makes you live and breathe.

johnny boy said...

Gul, Music rulez! And its my firssssst love ;) Its amazing how music can lift you up, and make you feel so good about yourself, no matter what mood you were in!
Life without music, is scary... Trust me on that!! Its fabulous - different kinds of music to listen to, according to your mood!
Music not only moves thru your heartbeats, but it also makes your heart skip a beat or two ;)
Viva la musique!

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Without a doubt we all have memories triggered by music, it can take you somewhere you've been in a wink just like a time machean

Lorena said...

i love this description of music's effect on us. some songs can change my mood literally and only on some days. it has to reach you at the correct time and when that happens it's on replay non-stop. i love music! i've been Crazy about Alanis' version of that song lately :)

Lorena said...

beautiful line
"music is when it moves through your heartbeats. "


pallavi said...

I never thought I woudl say thing but I love trance.. sometimes... it makes my heart beat in rhythm... :)

DeeM said...

Rock on, Gul!

Rajesh said...

Music is the essence of life, you've said it in eloquence, what more to say :)

Geetanjali said...

So, music is your porn too eh? ;-)

Joel said...

I've got to be careful with trance -- it sends me into walls.

Brood Mode said...

that was one great tribute to ever-enchanting music

bablu said...

Trance ! Music does get U into a Trance. I hate Trance music though. Lotsa Goa trance happening nowadays. Trance with all party drugs like Ecstasy esp. the Isreali tourists in Goa.

gulnaz said...

mermaid- ;)

Casablanca- when its gets to bore you... you take a break. :)

Patry- absolutely!

timeintotime- wow, that quote is perfect!! it says it perfectly!

.:A:. - that comment shows the spirit of the traveller in you. :)

CJ- ....and you should know! :)

johnny boy- viva la musique!

Sue- yeah, just like perfume!

Lorena- yea, its about striking the 'correct' note at the 'correct' tempo...and thanks! :)

Pallavi- it definitely does that!

DeeM- you too! ;)

Rajesh- thank you!

Geetanjali- that was a great line! :)

Joel- ....some sound effect!

Brood Mode- salute!

Bablu- well, i don't know about drugs and all that, have heard about it...not my scene.

yvaine said...

I love trance music, techno. I love closing my eyes and moving my arms and hands to the beat. I feel it thumping in my heart too. Yes, music is very sensorial. I don't know how to dance professionally but I do know how to move to the beat, enough to feel music coursing through my veins. I LOVE that feeling.

It's been awhile since I've danced.

Jaxe said...

Hi Gulnaz! God gave us music so we wouldn't ever be alone ;-) Funny how it can enter your ears then course through your veins. . . all your senses standing at attention. Hope you are WeLL!

Santanu said...

You have stressed on the beat. Most would speak of the tune. Together they harmonise and hypnotize.
I am told we learn to enjoy rhythm right from the womb when we hear our mother's heartbeats!!
Hope you havn't closed down your lovely blog.